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Watchman Monitoring

Watchman Monitoring

When IT Professionals are ready to engage in Proactive Support, they are ready for Watchman Monitoring. Subscribers install a light-weight, read-only agent which inspects over 150 data-points each hourly run. Reports are sent to the Watchman Monitoring server, which proactively informs the IT Professional of issues which need to be resolved. Founded in 2010 by Apple Consultant Allen Hancock, Watchman Monitoring gives IT Professionals to stay ahead of the curve, and a custom-branded agent which keeps their brand at the forefront of end users’ minds. From laptops to servers, Watchman Monitoring is suitable to run on any OS X, Linux, or Windows computer. It detects common issues such as too-full hard drives and stale backups, as well as less obvious errors such as failing RAIDs, expiring licences for Lightspeed, Kerio, and Crashplan PROe servers.  Watchman Monitoring enables its subscribers to offer proactive support and peace of mind to their end-users. Start your risk-free trial at https://www.watchmanmonitoring.com